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SLA 2016 Session Review: Taxonomy as a Collaboration Device

SLA 2016 Session Review:

Taxonomy as a Collaboration Device


By: Kejo Buchanan


Main ideas gathered from this session is introducing the function of taxonomy as a device for managing data in regards to structure, dissemination, customization, reporting and inventory.  Recommendations of exploring, endorsing and implementing a taxonomy includes to not use the word “taxonomy”.

It is important to explain this classification system as a valuable tool that creates structure for a collection, improves the flow of information, and allows for customizable searches and reporting.  All the while creating a clearer picture of the type of information available within the dataset.

Implementing a taxonomy requires not only selecting a compatible system that is industry focused but, researching for the right taxonomy and applicable terms requires collaboration and examining the possibility of employing a partner.

This session was beyond a promotion for Aurora WDC competitive intelligence services but a great advisory and introductory presentation, with reasonable allotted time for Q&A. To better understand a useful schema which can be applied with minute testing to intentionally evolve into a significant device.

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