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Data Tool Kit

SLA 2017 Presentations:  Below find links to presentation slides from Data Caucus-sponsored sessions at the Phoenix 2017 annual conference:

Open Science Framework by Matt Spitzer, University of Utah

From Reputation to Citation: Varying Roles for Scholarly Metrics by Elaine Lasda Bergman, SUNY Albany

SLA 2015 Presentations:  Want to view some of the data-related presentations from SLA2015?  Here are the slides to some of the excellent presentations delivered last year in Boston.

 Seamless Astronomy Linking Scientific Data, Publications, and Communities, by Chris Erdmann

Sci/Tech & Eng 201: Data Visualization, by Mary Frances Lembo

Sci/Tech & Eng 201: Data Visualization, by James Manasco

Visualization Tools:  Geospatial Data & Maps, by Barbara Wetzel

Data management Development and Implementation Introduction

Evolving Research Data Services – Laura Palumbo

Data Management Development and Implementation: an example from the UK – Geraldine Clement-Stoneham

State Departments of Transportation Data Management Plans: Construction Ahead – Leighton Christiansen


Learning Resources:  Want to learn more about research data management?  Here are links to several popular organizations, guides, training curriculum etc. on research data management.


Understanding Research Data Management

ARL Spec Kit 334: Research data management services

23 Things: Libraries for Research Data (2015 RDA PDF with links)

Research Data Management Self-Education for Librarians: A Webliography (2015)

Overview of Research Data (University of Wisconsin)

Research Data Management (University of Virginia)

ICPSR – Data Management & Curation

Research Data Curation Bibliography (curated by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)


Courses – Self-pace (free)

DataONE Education Modules (10 modules)

FOSTER Research Management Course (Must register)

Data Management (MIT Open Courseware)

Research Data Management course (University of Washington)

MANTRA: Research Data Management Training (2014 – University of Edinburgh)

Research data management open training materials (education materials curated by Laura Molloy)

Data Management for Clinical Research (Vanderbilt via Coursera)

Data Curation 101 (DCC)

Coursera , EdX, and Udacity (MOOCs) – various courses on data science & data analysis

Best Practices for Biomedical Research Data Management (Canvas Network -Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School -BD2K)


Courses – In-person (fee)

Data Carpentry

Data Matters (National Consortium of Data Science)

Library Juice Academy

Software Carpentry


Competitive application program

Research Data Alliance: Professional Development



Research Data Alliance (RDA)



ICSU World Data System


Webinars:  Want to catch up on webinars related to data management? Here are links to several organizations sponsoring webinars:

DataONE Webinars

The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series

Library Connect Webinars

New England Region eScience Program

Research Data Alliance Webinars

USGS 2015 Data Management Webinar Series

SLA Data Caucus Webinar – Handling Restricted and Sensitive Data 2017-10-12



Other Associations?  Want to get involved with other organizations that provide information on data management?  Here are some links to these groups and their email listserves:

 ACRL Science & Technology SectionSTS listserve

ESIP FederationESIP listserve

RDAP: RDAP listserve

Google Group – Leveraging Data


Federal Agency Public Access Plans :

Current: About


Current: Implementation of Public Access Programs in Federal Agencies via

Current: Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency  (from SPARC & Johns Hopkins Univeristy Libraries)

Current: Overview of Agency Responses to 2013 OSTP Memo

Current: Crowdsourced Google Spreadsheet of Agency Responses

2016 Principles for Promoting Access to Federal Government-Supported Scientific Data and Research Findings

2016 OMB Circular A-130 – Managing Information as a Strategic Resource

2014 U.S. Open Data Action Plan

2013 OSTP Memo – Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research

2013 OMB Memo M-13-13 – Open Data Policy – Managing Information as an Asset

2013 Executive Order 13642- Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information

 2009 OMB Open Government Directive


Data Management Planning (DMP) Tools:

Data Curation Network (coordinated by the University of Minnesota and Partner Institutions)

Data Curation Profiles Toolkit (Distributed Data Curation Center at Purdue University)

Data Management Plans from Stanford University

 DMPonline (jointly developed by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the University of California Curation Center (UCE))

DMPTool (University of California Curation Center of the California Digital Library)

Guidelines for Effective Data Management Plans from ICPSR


Data Search tools and open data websites

Finding data can be more art than science.  Here are some good places to start:


DataONE Search



European Union open data portal

Google Public Data Explorer

Google Trends

Repositories of Research Data Repositories


United Nations

University of Illinois Dataset Recommender Search* (University of Illinois credentials needed)


Also check out My favorite Public Data Sources, by Jen Underwood


Data Science and Visualization Resources, Tools and Training: Want to learn more about data science and data visualization tools?  Here are some places to start:**

Coursera-JHU Data Science Specialization

Data Science Training for Librarians (DST4L)

Data Visualization Selected Tools

Data Visualization Tools & Books (an interactive resource)

Digital Research Tools (DIRT) Directory

Flowing Data – Catalog of visualization tools

Understanding Regular Expressions—The Programming Historian


Blogs & RSS Feeds

Data Ab Initio

e-Science Community Blog


Data Journals

Scientific Data

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