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ASEE – ELD Presentations on Data management

ASEE – Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) Presentations (Data management)

ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 26-29, 2016

Susan Boyd, Santa Clara University

Sapp Nelson, M. (2016, June) A proposed scaffolding for data management skills from undergraduate education through postgraduate training and beyond. Lightning talk presented to the Engineering Libraries Division of the American Society for Engineering Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA. (slides available from the her presentation at the IASSIST conference, Bergen, Norway, May 31 – June 3, 2016)

Three gaps were identified in efforts to scaffold training for data management skills throughout a student’s college years from their undergraduate to graduate years. 1) There needs to be systematic way to track and measure these skills. 2) A communication tool must be used to keep track of what has been taught, who taught it, and the level of the data literacy concepts that were taught. 3) How are the goals of becoming data literate assessed, and what is the evidence for reaching these goals?

To build a framework for DIL education:

Find out what has been taught, and to whom.

Integrate the parts into one, whole curriculum.

Communicate the goals of the integrated program to students, faculty and staff.

Use assessment to see if the goals of the program has been reached.

Scaffolding is a technique to follow the learner through these domains: personal, team and research. In each domain, there are characteristics the individual will possess that will enable him or her to move on to the next domain. Learning new skills is dependent on having learned the ones from the previous domain. Scaffolding includes instructional technology, hands-on exercises and in-person/online instruction.

A pilot to do scaffolding with 35 competencies identified was customized for Purdue. These were narrowed down to 12 competencies. The pilot scaffolding is available for download (no editing) at:

Sapp Nelson, M. and Phillips, M. (2016, June) Consulting with research groups to create project-specific data management training and protocols. Unconference presentation at the Engineering Libraries Division of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA. Slides at:

This presentation helps identify individuals and groups who need assistance developing research protocols. Questions are given for: 1) Interviewing the individuals and groups identified. 2) Focusing on the data management lifecycle.

Recommendation: Audio record the interviews with verbal permission from the participants. This allows you to form a more complete picture of the viewpoints of faculty and research assistants.

What to look for when listening to the transcripts so you can go back later to clarify and recommend best practices are: file naming conventions, file structure, storage, versioning, backup, and documentation procedures and submission.

After analysis and clarification, write a document that highlights what data management practices the group agreed upon and give it to the faculty member for approval, then distribute to the research group.

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