Established 2014


The SLA Data Caucus was approved by the SLA Board of Directors in April, 2014.

Statement of Purpose

The Data Caucus serves the members of SLA by providing a platform to discuss best practices  in serving our patrons and users in the areas of data management and curation, and the emerging technologies, policies and applications in establishing these practices.

Information professionals in all disciplines (social sciences, applied sciences, humanities, and others) are handling an increasing amount of data in their work, and are applying their skills in terms of organization, access, preservation, and management to data objects. The data lifecycle — creating, processing, analyzing, preserving, giving access and re-using data — has become the responsibility of information professionals in a new area of practice often referred to as data librarianship. Rather than focusing on the technology exclusively, the Data Caucus’ mission will emphasize the provision of both resources and services to our patrons/users.

Data management is not limited to those with a background in librarianship: data practitioners can range from research scientists and specialists in cyberinfrastructure to the academic subject librarian who supports the research efforts of a single discipline.  SLA members charged with data responsibilities will form the core of the caucus membership. Data continues to permeate every area of practice, and it’s expected that the Data Caucus will include members from every corner of SLA and actively partner with the IT Division as well as related units.


  • Awareness of data lifecycles across all disciplines
  • Keep on top of new technologies
  • Explore emerging kinds of data including Open Data, Big Data, Linked Data, etc.
  • Market to individuals and organizations from venues outside SLA and attract new members to SLA
  • Provide structure and support for members conducting data projects
  • Partner with a variety of SLA units to conduct programming
  • Communicate to caucus members through established SLA communication channels such as a wiki, blog, discussion list and social media as appropriate.
  • Hold an annual meeting of the caucus at the SLA Conference.

Data Caucus Founding Members

  • Elaine Lasda Bergman, Reference Librarian, SUNY Albany
  • Kimberly Silk, Data Librarian, Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto
  • Lee Pedersen, Physical Sciences Librarian, Brown University Library
  • Marie Fraties-Block, Senior Librarian, BASF Corporation


@SLADataCaucus on Twitter